Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Image of the Week: Lightning

Creative Process: 

Using a striking reference image on Google, I applied coloured pencils, and felt tip pens for the red and yellow highlights . For the white lightning shockwaves, I used tippex - a medium I think worked on this occasion as white would have been far more challenging to create on white paper.

Here's the reference image called US Weather:

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Image of the Week: Extended Landscape

Creative Process:

I started by sketching the outline in an exercise from the book 'How to Draw Anything' by Mark Linley. I found that task fairly easy. Then I started applying coloured pencils, adding felt tips to enhance colour (not sure that was a good idea).  I did a lot of mixing and blending of colours, some worked, some didn't.  I then found a beautiful landscape photo image, which enhanced the choice of further colours.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. It took two and a half hours on July 1st and another hour on July 2nd.  I'm feeling motivated and inspired at the moment and hope to keep this momentum going!

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